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Piano Lesson through the 

Alexander Technique lens

means discovering the

easiest and quickest way

to achieve  your artistic goals.

Your wellbeing and sustainability of

your technique comes first, and the practice and performance process becomes more enjoyable and rewarding.  


Piano lessons in Edinburgh

The Alexander Technique is a

mind/body educational

method that can help

enhance our wellbeing,

coordination and balance, as

well as freedom, and ease in


Alexander Technique lessons enable you to unlearn patterns/habits that are no longer helpful, and explore alternative ways of being, thinking, moving. 

Alexander Technique lessons in Edinburgh



Eleni Konstantinidou Piano teacher Alexander Technique teacher

I'm a pianist, Alexander Technique teacher, and educator. I became a teacher so I could continue learning alongside my students. I have had the privilege of doing that, while using the powerful, expressive means of music since 2015. This brought me to the Alexander Technique, which helped me immensely get out of my own way, in my music performance, and otherwise. I now teach music and Alexander Technique full time, while continuing my own practice and development.


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