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Alexander Technique

What is it

The Alexander Technique is a mind/body educational method that can enhance our wellbeing, coordination and balance, as well as freedom, and ease in movement.

What is it for


It's a simple practice that is applicable to day to day life, and helps build resilience and adaptability.

A lot of people start lessons to help with pain or posture related issues, or because they heard about it through performance arts. However, it is quite versatile with a common effect of helping you feel more comfortable in your own skin. 

Some of the most common reasons people start Alexander lessons are listed here. Feel free to get in touch and chat about whether Alexander Technique is for you, even if you don't see your interests in the list.

Back Pain  / Neck Pain / Pain Management 

Musical Performance

Osteoarthritis / Parkinson's 

Postural Tone & Posture / Balance 

Learning & Teaching

Wellbeing & Self-help 

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What happens in a lesson

The lessons are usually one to one or in small groups. The teacher uses gentle, light touch and verbal instructions to guide you into simple every day movements like sitting, walking, or standing.

The activities themselves may vary, and they're used as an opportunity to explore how you react to any stimulus, whether that is the thought of standing up, answering an email, or doing a cartwheel.

The goal is to give you more freedom and choice over habits that are no longer helpful, or may even have started to become harmful.

In most cases, the aim of both the teacher and the client is to complete a series of lessons during which the client develops more and more tools to work on themselves, while the teacher becomes more and more redundant.


It is very common for lessons to start on a weekly basis, and become less frequent until they eventually stop, or are revisited once in a while at the client's choice.

You can book a lesson by clicking here

or send me a message through the contact form below.

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