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I'm a pianist, Alexander Technique teacher, and educator. I became a teacher so I could continue learning alongside my students. I have had the privilege of doing that, while using the powerful, expressive means of music since 2015. This brought me to the Alexander Technique, which helped me immensely get out of my own way, in my music performance, and otherwise. I now teach music and Alexander Technique full time, while continuing my own practice and development.

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Current and previous work experience

Piano/Theory Instructor 

2021 - Edinburgh School of Music / Private teaching

2020 - 2022 Andrew Walker School of Music

2020-2021 Rookie Rockstar

I deliver music lessons to students of a variety of levels (beginners - Grade 8) and ages (from 4 years old, to young adults and mature students), as well as small groups. My teaching objectives are cultivating well rounded musicianship, building a trusting relationship with the students by giving them agency over the teaching process (offering choices, options),while I incorporate in my teaching the principles of the Alexander Technique, and other somatic education training systems. My goal is to emphasise on the well-being of the students as instrument players, while helping them discover the easiest, less harmful way to achieve their artistic goals. As a result, students are more likely to obtain their desired results quicker and in a more practical way. I have helped many students successfully pass their ABRSM exams, as well as PGDE auditions. I have also developed an original syllabus for group teaching in young ages.

My previous work experience includes a variety of other music performance and teaching work, as well as posts in different areas of the public or private sector of education:

Supply Teacher and Pupil Support Assistant

2020-2023 City of Edinburgh Council Primary/Secondary

Childcare Sessional Worker

2020-2021 North Edinburgh Childcare


2017-2019 Rika Tsitsopoulou School of Ballet

English as a Second Language Teacher

2015-2019 Self-employed/Private Tutoring

Practical Training in Piano Teaching

2015-2016 Music College Conservatory of Thessaloniki

Practical Training in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

2014 Model Experimental School of the University Of Thessaloniki


Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) - Teaching qualification

2023 - Edinburgh Alexander Training School 

I have successfully passed an Independent Assessment Process upon completion of 3 year-full time professional training course

  • Essential Alexander skills including: inhibition and direction, expansive/integrated awareness, panoramic vision, eyes leading movement, attending to the supporting surface, being present, non-judgemental thinking

  • Living Anatomy

  • Application in everyday activities

  • Voice work

  • Study of selected Alexander books

Dip Piano Performance 

2019 - Music College Conservatory of Thessaloniki

Music Theory (Harmony and Part Writing), Solfege, Chamber Music, Music
History, Choir, Sight Reading, Musical Analysis, Teaching Practice

BA,(Hons) English Language and Literature 

2015 - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 

English Language and Literature, American Literature, Translation, Intercultural Studies, Linguistics (Qualified Teaching Status)

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